Made Pure by the Word

Staying pure in a world where it isn’t always the “cool” thing to do.

How can a young man keep his way pure?

By living according to Your word.                             Psalm 119: 9

J2-PsalmsIn a world where young adults and teenagers are constantly being pulled in all kinds of directions –by friends, family members, peers, teachers, and anyone else they come in contact with—finding the right voice to listen to can prove extremely difficult. Living in such a way that our lives are a reflection of Christ is infinitely more difficult. I underlined Psalm 119: 9 in my Bible because, like the rest of the Bible, it is an answer that always stays the same. How are we, as Christian youth, to act and talk in a manner that reflects Christ in everything we do? By using the Bible as the Sword of Truth, reading and studying it constantly in order to match our actions and words with its truth. The only way anyone can attempt to live their life in a way that pleases the Lord is to live according to the Word.

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