A Vintage Kind of Girl

What would it be like to live by the light of a candle in a world where technology is king?

Though I am quite handy with a computer and navigate the world of technology with ease, thanks to my electrical engineer father –from whom I inherited much of my physical features and personality—I have always had a special place in my heart for vintage things. My giant dinosaur of a typewriter from the 1940s dominates one side of my desk, and my fingers are often stained from filling my fountain pens with ink. Used bookstores are one of my favorite places to visit. More often than not, I come home with a few more old books to add to my bookshelves. I love old things. But something I have always wondered is, how would I do, how would I react to living a couple hundred years ago?

What would it be like to live without electricity? Could I live for a week with only candles, much less my entire life? Living by the light of candles would mean I couldn’t stay up late into the evening reading without the risk of overstraining my eyes. The time I spent awake would be dictated greatly by the rising and setting of the sun. Any and all writing and editing I did would be entirely by hand –there isn’t such a thing as spellcheck when using pen and ink or a pencil! I wouldn’t have the television to pass any of my time either. I would probably spend the time I currently use to watch television to bake, read, study, or spend time with my family instead, all of which are arguably a more worthwhile way to spend my time.

I don’t doubt that I would be able to live for a week with only candles because, as a military kid, I have grown up having to move a great deal. I constantly have to push myself to do hard things in my life, every move having to learn a new place and make new friends. I may be fairly shy and definitely an introvert, but I’m mentally well prepared for change. The biggest difference such a major change would cause is not what kind of person I am, but how I spend my time and what hobbies and skills I would develop. The core of who I am –my family, my faith, and my passions—would stay the same, just as they have during every other change I have gone through in my life.


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