Before the Love of Writing Came…

The Love of Books

I have decided that should my future children ever come to me to say they are bored, I will make them read until they figure out that reading is my answer to boredom, become resigned to their fate, and start reading to get rid of boredom on their own. I will be happy to provide them with any of my lovely selection of amazing books! Feeling lonely? Let’s take a trip to Narnia with the Pevensies! Feeling blue? Let’s go on a quest with Sir Gwaine and Terence! You don’t like your chores? How about we have a talk with Taran, Prydain’s only Assistant Pig Keeper!

BooksMy mother once asked me why I have so many books that I have read three or four times apiece when there are so many other books to read. Though I didn’t have an answer for her then, my answer now is that I can always count on them. I know which books make me laugh, which make me cry, which make me feel like I can take on the world, and which have me quietly pondering my character. The words on the pages aren’t merely words to me –those places, the people have become familiar, like visiting old friends. After all this time they still make me laugh, still make me cry, still make me want to jump up and down, or knock some sense into one of the characters. That’s why I love those books.


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