NaNo Prep Day

Today is NaNo Prep Day! Although I’m not much of a planner –I learned that from my second go at NaNoWriMo when my story fizzled out in no time flat due to too much planning–I do still do a little bit. I’ve added some more pictures to my corkboard, I’m plotting out some major plot points, and getting some basic details on my characters worked out. Plus all of the little things like changing the backgrounds on my phone, iPod, and computer to more appropriate “wintery” themes and making up a few writing playlists on iTunes.

I’m super excited about NaNoWriMo this year. Not only am I writing another fantasy novel –something I haven’t attempted since my first NaNo, despite my love for the genre–but I finally convinced my mom to do NaNoWriMo with me! There was a bit of wheddling involved, (and I may or may not have *cough* bribed her *cough* by promising to help her for an hour around the house if she wrote with me an hour every day) but I know once she gets started she’s really going to love it. 😀

Only 14 days 15 hours 49 minutes and 10 seconds left!


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