The Valiant KnightCW6-The Cross

An allegory of the cruxifiction and resurrection of Christ

Once there was a valiant knight,

Always clad in naught but white,

Forever doing what was right,

Champion of the needy and poor,

Never did he ask anymore,

Than to help those others did ignore.

One day, a dark plot he beheld,

For in that room a traitor was to tell,

All the knight’s secrets he was to sell,

Secretly, like a thief in the night,

For they wanted to douse the bright light,

That was the valiant white clad knight.

Driven by their jealousy,

They hung him on a tree,

They nailed him up on Calvary,

He died that day, to pay the price,

For his death alone would suffice;

Only he could drink of the chalice.

Three days they bitterly mourned for him,

But do not lose hope, he rose again,

All to fulfill what was set for him.


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