If you’re a girl who reads…

…or if you’re a girl who writes

My response to the blog post, “Date A Girl Who Reads.”

If you’re a girl who reads, you know you won’t be happy with a guy you have to hide your insanity from. You’ll always be on the lookout for a guy who knows that you name inanimate objects, who sees you talking to thin air, or giggling to yourself for no apparent reason and takes it all in stride. He gets bonus points if he starts referring to it as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

You’ll look for the man who will never laugh at you for your crazy half-baked schemes, only with you when they go wrong.

If you’re a girl who writes, the man for you is the one who comes home early to find you sword fighting an imaginary foe with a spatula in the kitchen –and asks to be your backup. Your evenings out will rarely be typical –he’ll let you drag him along to the swing dancing place you heard about or to a museum with the most fantastic exhibit on the Ancient Egyptians and he’ll know that the smell of old books smells better to you than any flower. He’ll sweep you off your feet. He’ll know what he’s getting when he marries you and he’ll be looking forward to every second of it.

If you’re a girl who reads, you’ll want a guy who understands words like you do. He’ll know to check himself before he says something in anger because he knows the devastation one little word could bring to your self-esteem because even if they are forgiven, words can never be taken back.

When a guy is willing to listen to you go on and on about a world that does not exist anywhere but on paper –or even just in your head!—, who is willing to listen to you carry on about the drama of the relationships between characters, you’ll know he’s a keeper.

If you’re a girl who writes, you’ll want a guy who listens. Whether you are complaining about unruly characters or ecstatic because the words seem like they are flowing onto the page, he will always be there to lend a listening ear. He’s the one who will listen to you ramble on and on about the minutiae of people in your head and will be willing to give you help where you need it.

If you’re a girl who reads, you’ll long for a guy tough enough to be able to hold you in his arms and make you feel safe, but sensitive enough to go out of his comfort zone to surprise you with a romantic dinner when you have had a rough day.

You’ll need a guy willing to hold you in his arms and let you know everything is going to be alright when he finds you curled up in a corner or in the back of the closet, your face red and splotchy from crying over characters like they were your best friend.

If you’re a girl who writes, you’ll need a guy who will always be there for you. He’ll know the importance of a few simple words of encouragement when you are struggling with your writing, whether it is a scene that you just can’t seem to get down onto paper, or a chapter that refuses to be edited. When you get a rejection letter, he’ll be there to remind you that it isn’t the end of the world and to tell you that you are still a wonderful writer.

If you’re a girl who reads, you’ll look for the guy who sees the extraordinary in the everyday. You’ll look for the one who understands that sometimes, a good book and a cup of coffee by the fire is more fun than that party you were invited to. He won’t make fun of you when he finds you staring intently at a drop of rain on a leaf or sitting with your head in your hands, dreamily watching as a butterfly floats on the breeze in front of your kitchen window, soap dripping down your shirt because you forgot you were washing dishes.

You’ll look for a guy who sees the best in everyone because he knows that good always triumphs over evil. He’ll know that there is good in everyone and that to find it all you have to do is look hard enough.

If you’re a girl who writes, you’ll look for a guy who sees magical things in the most mundane tasks. He will challenge you to be a better writer by showing you your story in a different light, with different lenses.  He’ll make sure your writing is fantastic, not dull.

If you’re a girl who reads, you’ll look for the guy who loves you for who you are. He will challenge you to become a better person, whether that means gently correcting you when you are wrong, or pushing you to do those hard things in your life.

You’ll look for a guy who love you just the way you are, but won’t let you get stuck in a rut to become a hermit either. He will push you to get out of your comfort zone, challenge you to do things you would have thought impossible.

If you’re a girl who writes, you’ll want a guy who is willing to put up with holding ink stained fingers. He won’t dismiss your quest for the perfect pen or an extraordinary notebook because he knows there is a reason you do this—even if he doesn’t know what it is. He’ll put up with your flowery synonyms when you can’t find the word you are trying to say –though no one can blame him if he hides your thesaurus when he thinks you are doing it on purpose. He’ll swear he didn’t hear a thing when you are up in the wee hours of the morning incessantly tapping away on your keyboard, trying to get an idea down.

If you’re a girl who reads, you know you’ll never be happy with anything less than the perfect man for you. No, he certainly won’t be perfect and by now you’ve gathered that romances make it look a little too easy sometimes, but you can’t give up.

You won’t settle for Mr. Okay, you’ll find Mr. Right. He’ll be the one willing to go that extra step to cheer you up, to make every day special, just to see the smile on your face.

If you’re a girl who writes, you’ll know that people mature over time. You’ll know that love is an action, not just a feeling, and that the right man for you will be the one willing to go through hard times with you, through every fight and disagreement that you have, and love you more and more every single day.


One thought on “If you’re a girl who reads…

  1. love it, christine! this brought a smile. i totally agree with you! there won’t be a perfect guy out there…. but there is a perfect guy for you out there. you aren’t perfect and he’s not going to be perfect, but you will be perfect together. i think that’s how we need to think about this, but seldom do. i know so many girls that love to read and write and all their classic literary influences (like austen, alcott, etc.) give them a very skewed view of love and marriage… we need to be looking to Scripture as well as the examples of godly marriage around us for answers to our questions and thoughts.

    anyway… that was rambly…. and probably unnecessary because you probably knew all that. 😀 but anyway, i enjoyed your post!

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