The D. C. Metro Station

Taking a look at one of my favorite places through the eyes of people very different from myself

The Business Woman

I surveyed the station in disgust. Though I knew it was much faster to take the Metro than to brave the streets of D. C. and the traffic that clogged them, I couldn’t help but wrinkle my nose a little and grip my briefcase a bit tighter. There were more than a few men waiting on the train that I would not be surprised to find out had jumped the turnstile to get a free ride. Their outfits screamed of homelessness –crumpled up like they had been sleeping in those clothes for weeks, torn and frayed at the edges, not to mention all of the grease stains. Newspapers and flyers flew back and forth along the narrow strip of concrete as each new train pulled up to the loading platform. A bit of bile that I quickly swallowed back down rose in my throat as strangers jostled past me to get on board. I hoped once I got off the dirty, crowded platform and into the train that I would be able to sit down and close my eyes and forget about this place. Maybe if I did that I could pretend I was somewhere else, someplace pleasant. I would definitely be bringing my iPod with me for my commute tomorrow.

The Child
This is so exciting! I don’t like being pushed around by all of the older people, but it’s still really cool to see all the people! There’re bunches and bunches of people everywhere! I can’t wait to see the big dinosaur Mom told us about at the museum. I’ve never seen a dinosaur before. She said there are treasures like a pirate has in a treasure chest too! I like coming here. All the trains are so cool! Sometimes they come whizzing past us and make the wind blow really hard on every one! That’s really funny, ‘cause then it makes everyone’s hair whip around all crazy. When they leave they start really slow and make a neat noise, but it’s really loud. When they stop it’s loud too. They make a screeching sound like when the teacher writes on the blackboard, but worse! It kind of hurts my ears and I don’t like that. I found lots of pennies on the ground though, so it makes the loud sounds not so bad. I’ve been saving all my pennies I find on the ground. I have them all in my pocket ‘cause Mommy said if I found enough pennies I could get an ice cream!

The Mother
I don’t know why I always think these trips will be fun when I plan them! I know the kids always talk about our trips to D. C. for months afterward, going over every single detail until I’m sick of hearing about it. I know it’s their favorite trip to take and the only time they’ll stop bickering in the car long enough for me to hear the song on the radio station. Of course, that’s only because they’re whispering conspiratorially about how they can convince me to buy them a treat. But taking the Metro is so hard with two little ones hanging on my arms! The stops and the trains are always so crowded –I’m scared to death one of them is going to let go of my hand and get lost in the pressing crowd of people. Not to mention how easy it would be for one of them to run up to the side of the tracks and slip and fall onto them. I think if I didn’t have to worry about them I might actually enjoy not having to drive in D. C. traffic, but next time I need to go on a Saturday so Steve can come with me.

The Teenager
Why does Mom still force me to come on these trips with them? Waiting for our train is so boring and I can’t sit down anywhere. There’s always some old lady already sitting on the one bench in the entire station, and the floor is so nasty I wouldn’t sit there no matter how bad my feet hurt. Mom always makes me give up my seat on the train too, so my feet are always killing me by the end of the day. I really wish she would stop glaring at me. You can’t hear yourself think in here! It’s not my fault she took my iPod so I can’t listen to any music to drown out all these people. I didn’t mean to kick my little sister –there was gum on my shoe and I was trying to get it off! Maybe I would be in a better mood if I wasn’t so bored! D. C. isn’t that special anyway –it’s just a bunch of old, crumbling buildings with some old stuff that nobody cares about anymore inside. I’d pick staying at home to play Minecraft over walking around D. C. any day. Even going to school would be better than this.


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