All I Really Want

At the Beach House with the McGuffee’s

My mom’s side –the McGuffee side—of the family always meets up at a beach house for a few days during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Getting to spend time with them is really special –with two adult cousins and four households, it is very rare for our whole family to get together like that outside of our time together at Christmas.100_0967

It’s definitely not your typical Christmas gathering. The McGuffee side of the family is composed of, well, a bunch of crazy loons.

The picture on the right of my grandfather wearing a pair of underwear over his pants is a pretty classic example of this –he was just trying to show my cousin, standing next to him, how silly he looked wearing clothes the wrong way.

375352_2621928222868_1504458542_nOur annual beach football game can get pretty crazy too. We don’t ever really enforce any rules so it’s common for all nine cousins to be found wrestling on the sand over the football.

A new tradition we added last year was playing a game we call “Campfire Pants”. It’s a take on “Telephone” where you write down a common phrase on an index card and the next person has to draw a picture depicting that phrase, leaving the next person to try to guess the phrase and write it down and so on. The name we gave it, “Campfire Pants”, comes from a set of cards that went around that started as the phrase “smarty pants”. Somehow the pictures ended up depicting a pair of pants over a fire so the next index card read “campfire pants!”. We learned very quickly not to eat or drink anything while we were playing ‘cause when it was time to read them out loud, we were all doubled over laughing.

Being with family –creating those memories together that will last a lifetime–is one of the most meaningful traditions my family has.


Merry Christmas from the McGuffee’s!


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