The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve Service

This tradition is fairly new when compared to most of the others. The first Christmas Eve service I remember attending, and the first as we made it an annual tradition, was at our church in Stafford, Virginia. I was a part of the youth choir group there, and every year we would sing at the Christmas Eve service. It was always a beautiful service and every year, no matter how stressed or anxious I was before I went, I always left with a feeling of peace.

Though we’ve moved all the way down to Florida now, our church here in Niceville has a Christmas Eve service as well, and I am very thankful to have the ability to continue this tradition. At the end of the service as we hold up our little candle stubs to the darkness around us, singing of the birth of our Savior, rejoicing over the love our God showed to us that night so many years ago.


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