Perfect Bliss

This was a very difficult one to write because the assignment said I could not use a single “e”. Not only is “e” the most commonly used letter, do you know how many times it is used in association with marriage?!

CW13-CastleThis is it. I am thoroughly and wholly full of joy. My mind lists my surroundings unconsciously, cataloguing it all to look back on soon. Anxious gasps hum as musicians start up a soft, charming harmony and I walk up toward Nikolai. I catch sight of my mom, smiling as if a ray of sunlight. Both my mom and my dad at my arm look willing to burst with joy. I distinguish his mom and dad sitting right in front, although I should think that is what most would hold as a natural location, as his dad is a King.  Rustling fabrics as individuals stand cordially, and sparkling crystals glinting off soft light –I grasp it all, but all I can wholly focus on is how blissful Nikolai looks. I know without a mirror that our looks match, for I find my mouth is tugging upward, smiling brilliantly up at him.

I practically run to him, almost tripping on my long skirt.  Nikolai stoops down to murmur into my hair, “You look stunning.” Thomas starts his narration, supplying our traditional words to copy, droning on and on, but I cannot distinguish anything but Nikolai. Nikolai clasps my hand lovingly, his big, warm hand dwarfing my own tiny hand. Thomas’s words go on for a long bit, but finally Thomas says, “I now—“ but his following words stay lost as Nikolai grabs my waist and twirls around, finally placing my flats back down, and Nikolai and I kiss.


2 thoughts on “CW13

  1. Awww! Thanks Grace! I don’t think any of my other assignments this year have caused me this much frustration. I think I scared my family yelling at my computer… 🙂

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