Mad Libs!

This week’s Sandbox assignment was to make a Mad Libs of a paragraph from something we’ve written. Choose your words, and then scroll down for the paragraph. Have fun!


Verb ending in –ing



Plural Noun











A bird once looked down upon a squirrel           -verb ending in –ing along the ground as he sat up in his nest. Perceiving how         -adjective the squirrel looked to be as he rushed around the forest floor, gathering        -verb to store up for winter, he decided he would           plural noun the squirrel to see how he too could be so happy. After a day of watching the squirrel, the bird had decided that with such          -noun that the squirrel had, it would not be hard to be happy. He observed the squirrel’s beautiful, sturdy nest, his numerous secret stores of        -noun, and his        -adjective pelt that would protect him during the harsh, cold winter months and thought to himself, “If I had these things too, surely it would not be hard for me to be happy!” Two years after this, the bird heard word that the squirrel had lost, in quick secession, his           -adjective nest, his stores of           -noun, and that his silky, warm          -noun had lost much of its fur. Wanting to pay his condolences, the bird         -verb right over to find, to his surprise, the squirrel was just as happy as before!

The Bird and the Squirrel


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