Who Will Make Your Path Straight?–Ghost Write

This turned out to be such an interesting assignment, despite my worries. It’s terribly difficult to step into a world and a story that isn’t yours and try to write as if they are! I had a lot of fun though, and I hope I did the characters and the story justice! Head on over to Myra Frances’s blog Bravery for the rest of the story!

“Don’t you look lovely this morning dearest,” Fredrick said with a charming smile as he strode up behind her. “I brought you something to brighten up your morning, but I’m afraid their beauty dulls in comparison to your own.” He produced a bouquet of lovely red roses from behind his back with a flourish, bowing gracefully as he offered them to her.

            Ella blushed as she took the flowers, surprised to see her suitor so early in the morning. There weren’t many people up and about at this time of morning—those who were up were usually hurrying to work.

            “Do you like them?” Fredrick asked.

            “They’re lovely,” Ella assured him, bringing them up to her nose to breath in their scent deeply.

            “Might I walk you the rest of the way to the shop?” He asked, offering her his arm. “I must admit, I am anxious to see where you work. I’ve been trying very hard to imagine what it must look like, but I’m afraid I have hardly ever spent much time in such shops before, so I don’t have much to go on.”

            Ella nodded, quickly transferring the flowers to her other hand so that she could take his arm. “If I might ask, why are you up so early this morning?” She asked as they walked up the street, passing the occasional worker as they scurried by. “I thought most gentlemen didn’t get up until after the sun was high in the sky.”

            “I must admit, that is an accurate description of my sleeping habits far more often than I should like,” he said with a chuckle, “but I had some business to attend to at the mill this morning, and, as I knew I would be passing this way on my way back to the house, so I thought I would pay you a visit.”

            “And you just happened to be carrying roses around with you to the mill?” Ella teased gently.

            “Ah,” he exclaimed, “Now the roses are much easier to explain than my sleeping habits. On my way here I passed an old women who was selling some flowers on the side of the street. She was just setting up her stall for the day when I walked past and was more than happy to sell me the roses, although I think she may have cheated me a bit. She said the roses had been cut from the same bush as the ones used to decorate Queen Victoria’s chambers, so she made me pay a little extra.”

            Ella laughed. “Mrs. Thomas made a fool out of you. She didn’t get them from a ‘Royal’ rose bush—she keeps a garden behind her house!”

            Fredrick shrugged lazily. “Well, as I said, I figured she was pulling my leg, but the story was good fun. Even if it’s not true, who else can say that they bought you flowers from Queen Victoria’s rose bush?”

            She shook her head disparagingly, but had to turn her head to hide her smile. “Here we are!” She announced as they turned the last street corner before the sewing shop.

            “It’s certainly bigger than I expected,” he commented as he took in the building.

            “The interesting part is on the inside,” Ella told him, tugging him forward. “Come on, I’ll show you.”


Fredrick left after a few minutes inside, waving goodbye as he walked swiftly down the street.

            “Oo!” Tessa, one of the new seamstresses exclaimed as Ella went to put the roses in water. “Those flowers are gorgeous! Do you know when he’s going to propose?”

            Ella sighed, suddenly overcome with a wave of indecision. “I’m sure it’ll be soon Tessa—he doesn’t seem like the kind of man who waits very long after he’s decided he wants something.”

            With that she turned and made her way silently to where she had left Juliet’s dresses, her thoughts heavy. Was she ready to say yes to Fredrick?


One thought on “S7

  1. oo, great job, christine! i was really impressed with how well you portrayed frederick. all of it, but specifically his character seems just like something myra-frances would write.

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