Novel Project Personal Reflection

Have I connected the Conflict to the overall Theme or message I hope to portray?
Yes–neither my conflict nor my theme would be able to stand on their own, but together they combine to make a wonderful story.
Have there been hints to the Theme throughout the story?
I think the theme is definietely hinted at throughout the story. The main character is forced to confront the theme of leadership in her own life–if she didn’t, she’d be risking her life as well as the lives of those around her.
What should my reader know at this point about each character?
The important thing about Alicia is that she’s a young woman who doesn’t feel ready for the duties required of a future queen, and that Evan is dedicated to helping her learn how to be the queen he knows she can be.
Could a reader guess the ending of my story or are there still surprises to come?
I think the ghost write last week proved that it is fairly easy to get a general sense of where I’m going with the plot, but there is still a big twist to come that I don’t think anyone has guessed yet. *winks*
How would my readers feel at this point? Would they be emotionally invested?
If they aren’t emotionally invested by this point, I don’t know that they could ever be. Alicia is a very relatable heroine who has to deal with responsiblities being thrust onto her like many young people, even if they aren’t quite as huge as the responsiblities of a future queen. Alicia loses her parents and every thing she’s ever known so quickly that it would be really hard to not be invested in her story.
Have I used literary devices, such as metaphor, simile, alliteration, symbolism, irony, etc?
…not purposefully. (oops!)
Am I staying true to my original Plot Outline?
Definitely. My outline is terribly important for me–without it I wouldn’t be able to keep all of the details that need to be in each chapter straight. It took a great deal of thought beforehand to be able to come up with my plot, so it would be extremely difficult to go back on my outline midway through.
Are there changes I need or want to make?
There are a couple of things that I would like to mention or hint at earlier in the story that I did not, such as insight into what Alicia misses about her parents.
Am I staying on top of important revisions according to feedback?
I haven’t really started making any revisions yet, but I will be soon in preparation for submitting the entire project!
Am I energized about the Novel Project or feeling stuck?
I’m energized! I’m so enjoying the Novel Project!
Am I proud of my work?
I am very proud of my work. I feel like I’ve grown a lot through this writing project.
What have I learned from this experience so far?
I think I’ve learned a lot about connecting themes and storylines throughout the entire story. I also came into this project worried outlining so throughly beforehand would hurt me, when I learned how to use it properly in such a way that it truly helped me grow as a writer.

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