Do svidaniya America!

Day 1

Tomorrow afternoon my mom and I are getting onto a plane to go to Russia! Well, officially it would be this afternoon, since I’m writing this at 12:30 at night—we stayed up late packing the last few things we’ll need for our trip. But that’s beside the point. In a few short hours, the two of us will be getting on a plane bound for Atlanta, then one to Paris, then one to Moscow, and finally one to Perm! I’m really ridiculously excited. Just the fact that I’m going to get to fly in a plane out of the country for the first time since I was six has me as giddy as a little kid waiting for cotton candy. But to also be getting ready to go spend time with kids—one of my passions—at the orphanage my little brother and sister are from…well, words cannot express my joy.

I probably really should be getting to bed, since I do still have to get up in the morning to go to church and finish packing, but hopefully I’ll be able to update soon. Please keep us in your prayers!

Do svidaniya!



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