DSC00511The Magic Fifteen

So, I was just about to get up off of my couch, change into some actual clothes, and get something done today, but then I realized something and I had to share.

In fifteen days I’ll be leaving home and going to college.

There, I said it. (Mom, it’s going to be okay. Although, you’re welcome to come into my room and cry with me if you want to. It won’t take much to set off my waterworks at this point.) In a little over a week, I’ll be leaving my family and friends (and cats *sadface*) and braving the unknown. Wow.

It hadn’t really hit me yet. I mean, in the back of my mind, I knew I only had a short span of time left before I left for school. This past week though, I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that I still had loads of time left. Every day this week I would mentally repeat to myself (excitedly, I might add!), “Only three more weeks until college!” Only, it’s not three weeks until college anymore. Now it’s two.

I’m almost ready. I mean, I’ve finished packing up most of my stuff. My parking permit came in the mail last week. My new laptop arrived in the mail yesterday. Soon I’ll be ordering my textbooks. Things have just sort of been falling into place. I’ve been taking things slowly, lazily. I haven’t been rushed, haven’t felt that deadline looming. The past week I’ve lounged around in bed until lunchtime every morning.