The Beginning of an Adventure

Tales of a New College Student

Well guys, I’m here. I made it to college. It all seems so surreal right now, probably because I haven’t started the difficult part of the experience yet, the actual classes part. Still though, it’s been pretty interesting so far. My entire family came up with me to Mississippi State to help me move in an stuff, and, since it’s a six hour drive from home to college, they got a hotel room and stayed the night before driving back home yesterday. Needless to say, there was a lot of crying and, even though I had told myself I was going to be social and open my door to talk to people, after saying goodbye to my family, I was not up to doing anything but playing computer games in my room until my roommate, Katilyn, got back from band camp around 9:30.

This morning was when the fun began. In case you can’t tell, my tone of voice just became extremely sarcastic. I woke up with a terrible headache and an upset stomach, but I had a mandatory Honors meeting upstairs for an hour this morning that I somehow suffered all the way through only to beeline back to my room and jump straight back into bed. Unfortunately, though I had medicine to make my head feel better, I had nothing to take for my stomach. That’s when my roomie swoops to the rescue, coming back in at lunch time to tell me that she has exactly the medicine I needed to take for my stomach. Skip to two hours later when I’m finally feeling better and decide to run up to the store for some basic groceries (peanut butter, apples, and the like), and I switch bags, accidentally leaving my student i.d. on my desk. *facepalm* I realize in Walmart that I don’t have it, and as my roomie has already returned to the band hall, I have no way of getting into my room. So, toting a watermelon, I have to go to the desk and get one of the RAs to open my door for me. Hopefully won’t be doing that again.