I recently finally jumped on the Goodreads bandwagon, and, let me tell you, sometimes I forget the sheer mass of the amount of books I’ve read in my short lifetime. I also realized that I do a lot of re-reading of books, which isn’t in and of itself bad, but since I’ve started college I spend a lot less time reading new literature and a lot more time falling back to old favorites. So, this Christmas Break (which is only a week away!!) I’m going to attempt to read ten books that I’ve never read before, possibly in genres I don’t read very much, and possibly review them. As I study to become an English teacher, I also want to be prepared to share books with students with tastes other than my own, so I’d like to start gaining a knowledge of good fiction (and non-fiction) outside my basic taste in fiction.

If you have any suggestions for me to add to my list, leave them in the comments!