Our Need for God’s Great Forgiveness

This poem is written in a terza rima format (ABA, BCB, CDC, etc.). I used alternating synonyms and antonyms to compare and contrast God’s forgiveness and our need for His forgiveness.

Clearing our debt, for sinners we are,

Constant is our sin for which we cannot atone,

Constant is the forgiveness the Lord does offer!

How could I deserve the mercy He has shown?

How, when even one sin convicts me, and I appear as if black?

He pardons me and allows me to approach the throne!

Redeemed by His blood, He buys me back,

Retrieving me from everlasting judgment,

Releasing me, despite the perfection I lack.

Infinite, unfailing is His love, to my amazement,

I should be reviled for the sin I once served,

Instead He grants me atonement!

Singular is the clemency I have observed,

Since I ought to be punished for my sin,

Sparing me, much more than I ever deserved.

The Lord has freed me from the wages of my sin,

Though I merit no less than eternal condemnation,

The Lord, by grace, treats me as pure again.

Incredible amnesty without condition,

I am no longer doomed by my disobedience,

I have been exonerated from my imperfection.

Now I have been acquitted from my incompetence,

Never again will I worry about my blame,

Never ending is the forgiveness of my Savior, who is my defense!

Enduring the weight of imputation, He shoulders my shame,

Even though my guilt should cast me from His sight,

Everlasting life with Him, through His compassion, I now can claim!

Disgraced by my sins, I am now liberated by the Light

Defiled no longer through His perfect love,

Dire was my need for acquittal, but now I have no sin to fight.

Under the new covenant, I have been remitted by the One above,

Unbearable was the verdict my sins placed upon me

Until my eternal punishment He did absolve!

Now His love has set me free!

No longer does judgment keep me from His access

No, my acquittal He did guarantee!

New again, remade in His likeness,

No longer does my guilt keep me from His presence,

None can contest their need for forgiveness.